Management Status Report

Produced from Chemtrack

The Management Status Report gives the status of those NTP agents selected for Study in one or more of the standard 2-week, 13-week, and/or 2-year Toxicology and Carcinogenicity Protocols.

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Contents Table Name Number of 
Ref No. 1 Chemicals Selected for General Toxicology Study by the NTP 0
Ref No. 2 Chemicals with Project Leader Assigned/Study in Design 4
Ref No. 3 Chemicals Approved for Toxicology/Carcinogenesis Study 8
Ref No. 4 Chemicals Assigned to Laboratory for Toxicology/Carcinogenesis Study 2
Ref No. 5 Short-Term Exposure Studies in Progress 13
Ref No. 6 Short-Term Studies Completed: In Review for Further Evaluation 12
Ref No. 7 Long-Term Exposure Studies in Progress 0
Ref No. 8 Long-Term Exposure Studies: Laboratory Study Report in Preparation 9
Ref No. 9 (Note: Reference 9 Combined with Reference 10) 0
Ref No. 10 Long-Term Exposure Studies: Pathology Quality Assessment in Progress 5
Ref No. 11 Long-Term Exposure Studies: Pathology Working Group Scheduled 0
Ref No. 12 Short-Term Exposure Studies Scheduled for Peer Review 7
Short-Term Studies 7
Ref No. 13 Long-Term Exposure Studies Scheduled for Peer Review 3
Ref No. 14 Post Peer Review Technical Reports in Progress 13
Short-Term Studies 10
Long-Term Studies 3
Ref No. 15 Galley or Camera Copy Technical Reports in Progress 0
Ref No. 16 Printed Long-Term and Short-Term Study Reports 840
Genetically Modified Model Studies 28
Short-Term Studies 189
Long-Term Studies 623
Ref No. 17 Long-Term Exposure Studies for Which Technical Reports Were Not Prepared 60
Appendix Short-Term Studies for Which Toxicity Technical Reports Were Not Prepared 342
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