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Abbreviations Used in the Management Status Report

Route of Administration
AQUAT Aquatic IV Intravenous
CAPS Per os (Capsule) IVAG Intravaginal
DERMAL Dermal IVOR IV Injection and Oral
FEED Dosed-Feed MICRO Microencapsulation in Feed
GAV Gavage MULTI Multiple Routes
GAV/WATER Gavage & Dosed-Water N/A Not Applicable
GV/WB Gavage, Whole Body Exposure OTHER Other
IC/IJ IC Injection SC&GV Subcutaneous Injection and Gavage
ID/CN Intraductal Cannulation SC/IJ Subcutaneous Injection
IM Intramuscular SP Topical Application
INHAL Inhalation UD Not Currently Entered
IP/IJ Intraperitoneal Injection UTERO In Utero
IP/OT IP Inj/Orotracheal WATER Dosed-Water
IT Intratracheal WB Whole Body Exposure
Note: Dermal, skin application and skin paint are synonymous. Different terms were used at different times.

Primary Use Category
ADHS Adhesives, Glues, and Tape METL Metals or Metal Products
CMOT Chemotherapeutic Agents MINL Minerals and Natural Fibers
COMT Contaminates and/or Impurities MLTR Military or Policing Purposes
COSM Cosmetics, Perfumes, Fragrances, Hair Preparations, Skin Lotions N/S Naturally Occurring and Synthetic Substances
DIET Dietary/Herbal Supplement NANO Nanoscale materials (substances where at least one critical dimension < 100 nm)
DTRG Detergents and Cleansers NATL Naturally Occurring Substances
DYE Dyes, Inks, and Pigments NSUL Insulation or Insulation Products
ELEC Electrical and/or Dielectric Systems or Products OCCH Occupational Hazards
ENVH Environmental (Air/Water) Pollutants PAPR Paper or Paper Products
FDPK Food-packaging Products PEST Pesticides
FEED Animal Feed or Feed Products PHAR Pharmaceuticals or Intermediates
FERT Fertilizers PHOT Photography or Related Purposes
FLAM Flame Retardants PLAS Plastics
FOOD Food, Beverages, or Additives PNT Paint Ingredient
FUEL Fuel or Oil Products REAG Laboratory Reagent
FUME Fumigants RUBR Rubber Chemical
FUNG Fungicides SOLV Vehicles and Solvents
GERM Germicides, Disinfectants, Antiseptics SYN Synthetic
GLAS Glass, Ceramic and/or Pottery Products TBCO Tobacco and Tobacco Products
HERB Herbicides TEXL Manufacture of Textiles
IND Industrial Uses WATR Water and/or Sewage Treatment
INTR Chemical Intermediate or Catalyst WOOD Wood Industry
LABC Unspecified Chemical Uses Not Fitting Into SOLV, INTR, or REAG Categories

Species: Strain
C Chicks HU Human (Cell Lines)
D Dog M Mice
DL Drosophila MO Monkey
F Fish R Rats
FR Frog RA Rabbit
GP Guinea Pigs RM Rats/Mice
H Hamsters
NA Chicks:Not Available ML Mice:Tg.Lac1/C57BL/6 (Big Blue)
NA Dog:Not Available MM Mice:BALB/cByJ
O3 Dog:Beagles MN Mice:Tg.AC (FVB/N) Homozygous
NA Drosophila:Not Available MO Mice:CB6F1
F1 Fish:Medaka (Oryzias latipes) MP Mice:C57BL/6-APC+/APC-1638N (Tg:APC)
F2 Fish:Guppy (Poecilia reticulata) MQ Mice:P16(Ink4a)/(+/-) (C57BL/6)
F3 Fish:Zebra (Danio rerio) MR Mice:129S1/SvImJ
NA Fish:Not Available MS Mice:P53 +/- (FVB/N)
NA Frog:Not Available MT Mice:SKH-1 Hairless
NA Guinea Pigs:Not Available MU Mice:TRAMP (C57BL/6 PB-TAG TRANSGENE)
O6 Guinea Pigs:Hartley MV Mice:B6C3F1/NCTR BR (C57BL/6N x C3H/HEN MTV-)
H1 Hamsters:Syrian Golden MW Mice:BALB/c
NA Hamsters:Not Available MX Mice:AM3 (C57BL/6)
129B6TRP53 Mice:Female 129S1.SvlmJ crossed to B6.129- Trp53<tm1Brd> males homozygous for the Trp53 null allele MY Mice:CD-1 Reg.[Crl:CD1(ICR)]
60 Mice:NOD. B10Sn-H2(b)/J MZ Mice:C57BL/6J (Jackson)
61 Mice:NZO/HiLtJ NA Mice:Not Available
62 Mice:PWK/PhJ RB6TRP53 Mice:Female BTBR.Tj (R) crossed to B6.129- Trp53<tm1Brd> males homozygous for the Trp53 null allele
63 Mice:B6C3F1/J (Jackson) NA Monkey:Not Available
AB6TRP53 Mice:Female A/J crossed to B6.129-Trp53<tm1Brd> males homozygous for the Trp53 null allele RH Monkey:Rhesus
B6129 Mice:B6.129-Trp53<TM1BRD> 44 Rats:Sprague Dawley (NCTR)
C3B6 Mice:C3B6.129F1-Trp53<TM1BRD> 48 Rats:Crl:CD (SD)
C3B6TRP53 Mice:Female C3H/HeJ crossed to B6.129- Trp53<tm1Brd> males homozygous for the Trp53 null allele F344 Rats:Fischer 344
C6N Mice:C57BL/6N FSAS Rats:F344/NCrl (SAS FISCH)
CB6TRP53 Mice:Female Balb/c (C) crossed to B6.129- Trp53<tm1Brd> males homozygous for the Trp53 null allele HSD Rats:Harlan Sprague-Dawley
D2B6TRP53 Mice:Female DBA2/J (D2) crossed to B6.129- Trp53<tm1Brd> males homozygous for the Trp53 null allele HSDD Rats:Harlan Sprague Dawley (Dublin Facility)
DOJ Mice:Diversity Outbred (Jackson) HSDE Rats:Hsd:Sprague Dawley SD
M0 Mice:SKH-1 Hairless (NCTR) HSDI Rats:Harlan Sprague Dawley (Indianapolis Facility)
M1 Mice:C57BL/6 ML Rats:Tg.Lac1/C57BL/6 (Big Blue)
M11 Mice:CAST/EiJ (M. m. castaneus) NA Rats:Not Available
M14 Mice:WSB/EiJ (M. m. domesticus) R1 Rats:Osborne Mendel
M15 Mice:C3H/HeJ R10 Rats:F344/N Charles River
M2 Mice:C3H R2 Rats:F344/N
M22 Mice:B6C3F1/N R3 Rats:ACI
M3 Mice:B6C3F1 R4 Rats:August
M4 Mice:Swiss R5 Rats:Long-Evans
M5 Mice:Swiss CD-1 R6 Rats:Marshall
M6 Mice:Swiss Webster R7 Rats:Sherman
M7 Mice:Sencar R8 Rats:Sprague Dawley
M8 Mice:MMTV/RAS (Tg.SH) R9 Rats:Wistar
M9 Mice:MMTV/MYC (Tg.M) RA Rats:CD
MA Mice:MMTV/NEU (Tg.Nk) RB Rats:NCI Black Reiter (NBR)
MB Mice:NIH Swiss RC Rats:F344 (NCTR)
MC Mice:PIM RD Rats:F344/NTac
MCBA Mice:CBA/ Ca Jackson RE Rats:Wistar Han
MD Mice:P53 +/- (C57BL/6) ZL Rats:Zucker - Lean (HsdHlr:ZUCKER-Lepr+)
ME Mice:Tg.AC (FVB/N) Hemizygous ZLC Rats:Zucker - Lean (Charles River)
MF Mice:A/J ZO Rats:Zucker - Obese (HsdHlr:ZUCKER-Leprfa)
MG Mice:B6.SJL-Ptprc[a] Pepc[b]/BoyJ ZOC Rats:Zucker - Obese (Charles River)
MH Mice:Tg/RASH2/CB6F1 NA Rabbit:Not Available
MI Mice:FVB/N NA Rats/Mice:Not Available
MJ Mice:C3B6F1-+/TRP53<TM1BRD> (NCTR) R2 Rats/Mice:F344/N
MK Mice:CB6F1-Tg(HRAS)2Jic [(BALB/cByJTac x C57BL/6JTac)-Tg(HRAS)2Jic F1