Chemistry Specifications

The Chemistry Specifications for Chemistry Services Contractors detail the requirements for all chemistry support services provided to NTP. These requirements cover Program Management (Section 1) and 34 related Functional Activities in six technical categories (Section 2): Logistics and Handling, Characterization, Formulation, Biosample Analysis, Animal Studies of toxicokinetics and palatability, special studies, and high throughput screen (HTS) activities. Requirements for the Contractor's Health and Safety program (Section 3), and Reporting (Section 4) are also included.

Table of Contents

  • Section 1. Program Management MS Word
  • Section 2. Requirements
    • Requirement 1. Logistics and Handling MS Word 
    • Requirement 2. Characterization MS Word
    • Requirement 3. Formulation MS Word
      • Appendix 3.1 Vehicle Analysis of Ethanol MS Word
    • Requirement 4. Biosamples MS Word
    • Requirement 5. Animal Studies MS Word
    • Requirement 6. Special Studies MS Word
    • Requirement 7. HTS MS Word
      • Appendix 7.1 HTS plate map formats MS Word
  • Section 3. Health and Safety MS Word
  • Section 4. Reporting Requirements MS Word
    • Appendix 4.1 Report Formats MS Word
    • Appendix 4.2 Data Submission Requirements MS Word