ICCVAM Communities of Practice Webinar 2019

Non-animal Approaches for Inhalation Toxicity Testing

January 22, 2019

ICCVAM promotes the development and validation of toxicity testing methods that protect human health and the environment while replacing, reducing, or refining animal use. ICCVAM also provides guidance to test method developers and facilitates collaborations that promote the development of new test methods. To address these goals, ICCVAM presented a Communities of Practice webinar on “Non-animal Approaches for Inhalation Toxicity Testing.”

This webinar provided an overview of several ongoing collaborative efforts associated with acute and subchronic inhalation toxicity testing, with emphasis on available human cell-based and in silico methodologies, considerations of dosimetry, and developing technologies that could provide predictive test methods in the future. The webinar also presented a case study describing a source-to-outcome approach that uses in vitro and in silico methods to refine inhalation risk assessment for point of contact toxicity.


The webinar was organized on behalf of ICCVAM by NICEATM.