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Presentations at SOT 2017

56th Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology
March 12-16, 2017 - Baltimore, MD, USA

ICCVAM Exhibitor-hosted Sessions

Developing an Implementation Strategy for Toxicity Testing in the 21st Century


ICCVAM Tools for Validation and Regulatory Application of Alternative Methods

NICEATM Presentations

Please note: PDFs of poster presentations are large files (1-2 MB) and may take a few moments to open and load. Posters may not be completely accessible to those using assistive technologies. Text versions of posters may provide improved accessibility and may also load faster.

Exhibitor-hosted Session: Tox21: Current Progress, Next Steps and Exploring the Concept of a New Center for Excellence for Predictive Safety

NICEATM Director Warren Casey provided an update on NIEHS Tox21 activities

Continuing Education Course: Read-across: Case Studies, New Techniques, and Guidelines for Practical Application

Presentation: Improving Read-across Using Biological Data and Quality Assessment
Presenter: Kleinstreuer NC

Poster Session: Carcinogenesis II

Abstract Number 1103/Poster P138: Integrating the Low-dose Mixture Hypothesis of Carcinogenesis into the Future of Cancer Research
Authors: Miller M, Goodson WH, Lowe L, Manjili MH, Kleinstreuer N, Bisson WH

Poster Session: Bioinformatics and Tox Databases

Abstract Number 1389/Poster P127: CoMPARA: Collaborative Modeling Project for Androgen Receptor Activity
Authors: Mansouri K, Kleinstreuer N, Watt E, Harris J, Judson R

Poster Session: Endocrine Toxicology

Abstract Number 1511/Poster P520: Androgen Receptor Agonist Identification and Characterization by Screening the Tox21 10K Compound Library
Authors: Lynch C, Sakamuru S, Huang R, Stavreva DA, Varticovski L, Hager GL, Judson RS, Houck KA, Kleinstreuer NC, Casey W, Paules RS, Xia M

Platform Session: Endocrine Toxicology

Abstract Number 1636: Identification of Androgen Receptor Antagonists Using Tox21 qHTS Data and the MARCoNI Assay
Authors: Bone A, Xia M, Sakamuru S, Huang R, Houtman R, van Beuningen R, Watt E, Kleinstreuer N, Judson R, Houck K

Poster Session: Regulation and Policy

Abstract Number 2182/Poster P447: Replacing Animals for Acute Systemic Toxicity Testing: A U.S. Strategy and Roadmap
Authors: Lowit A, Schlosser C, Myska A, Patlewicz G, Paris M, Karmaus A, Strickland J, Allen D, Kleinstreuer N, Casey W
Poster — Text version of poster

Poster Session: Quantitative Systems Toxicology

Abstract Number 2915/Poster P409: Prediction of Skin Sensitization Potency Using Machine Learning Approaches
Authors: Strickland J, Zang Q, Paris M, Lehmann DM, Bell S, Allen D, Matheson J, Jacobs A, Casey W, Kleinstreuer N
Poster — Text version of poster

Abstract Number 2935/Poster P429: An Integrated Chemical Environment to Support 21st Century Toxicology
Authors: Bell S, Phillips J, Sedykh A, Sprankle C, Morefield S, Allen D, Casey W, Kleinstreuer N
Poster — Text version of poster

Symposium Session: Novel In Vitro and In Silico Platforms for Modeling Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity

NICEATM Deputy Director Nicole Kleinstreuer was a session co-chair

Abstract Number 3074: Pathway Based Models to Predict Developmental and Reproductive Toxicologies
Author: Kleinstreuer N

Poster Session:  Alternatives to Mammalian Models III

Abstract Number 3159/Poster P118: Development of a Curated Database of In Vivo Developmental Toxicity Data
Authors: Ceger P, Choksi N, Hamm J, Truax J, Daniel A, Allen D, Sutherland V, McIntyre B, Foster P, Maull E, Casey W
Poster — Text version of poster

Abstract Number 3160/Poster P119: Evaluating Defined Approaches to Testing and Assessment of Skin Sensitization Potential
Authors: Kleinstreuer N, Strickland J, Zuang V, Lowit A, Matheson J, Allen D, Casey W, Whelan M
Poster — Text version of poster

Abstract Number 3161/Poster P120: SEAZIT: The National Toxicology Program’s Systematic Evaluation of the Application of Zebrafish in Toxicology
Authors: Hamm J, Ceger P, Maull E, Padilla S, Perkins E, Planchart A, Stedman D, Tal T, Tanguay R, Volz D, Baker G, Stout M, Walker N
Poster — Text version of poster

Abstract Number 3163/Poster P122: Identification of Environmental Chemicals with Potential Roles in Obesity and Diabetes Using Animal Studies from U.S. EPA and NTP Toxicological Databases
Authors: Boyd WA, Pirone JR, Shaw MP, Kleinstreuer NC, Martin MT, Rashid A, Fostel JM, Thayer KA 

Abstract Number 3185/Poster P144: Open Source Workflows for In Vitro to In Vivo Extrapolation
Authors: Chang X, Bell SM, Pirone JR, Allen D, Casey W, Kleinstreuer N
Poster — Text version of poster

Satellite Meeting: Updates on Activities Related to 21st Century Toxicology and Related Efforts

NICEATM Deputy Director Nicole Kleinstreuer gave an update on NICEATM activities
ICCVAM member Richard Paules (NIEHS) gave an update on Tox21 activities

ICCVAM Committee Activities

ICCVAM Committee member names are indicated in boldface in author lists.

Poster Session: Mixtures

ICCVAM member Moiz Mumtaz (ATSDR) was a session co-chair

Abstract Number 1116/Poster P153: Assessing Health Impact of Diverse Mixtures in the Environment
Authors: Mumtaz M, McClure P, Pohl H

Poster Session:  Nanotoxicology: In Vivo

Abstract Number 1313/Poster P602: Positively Charged Nanoparticles Lead to Artifacts in a Caenorhabditis elegans Toxicity Assay
Authors: Hanna SK, Montoro Bustos AR, Peterson AW, Relpa V, Scanlan LD, Hosbas Coskun S, Cho TJ, Johnson ME, Hackley VA, Nelson BC, Winchester MR, Elliott JT, Petersen EJ

Platform Session:  Multi-omic Connections in Chemical Toxicity

Abstract Number 1589: High-dimensional Toxicological Assessment of Chemical Exposure on Physiologically Relevant 3D In Vitro Models
Authors: Ramaiahgari SC, Waldyanatha S, Dixon D, DeVito MJ, Paules RS, Ferguson SS

Abstract Number 1590: Organotypic HepaRG Cultures (384-well) and High Throughput Transcriptomics with 112 Compounds to Model Human Liver and Characterize Compound-induced Biological-response "Space"
Authors: Ferguson S, Ramaiahgari SC, Rice J, Dunlap P, Smith-Roe S, Witt K, Auerbach S, Merrick A, DeVito M, Paules RS

Platform Session:  Endocrine Toxicology

Abstract Number 1638: In Vitro Assessment of Estrogen, Androgen, and Glucocorticoid Bioactivity in a Nationwide Screen of United States Stream Waters
Authors: Wilson VS, Conley J, Evans N, Cardon M, Rosenblum L, Iwanowicz LR, Hartig PC, Schenck K, Bradley PM

Workshop Session:  Incorporating In Vitro Reproductive and Developmental Assays into Regulatory Risk Assessment

ICCVAM member Suzanne Fitzpatrick (FDA) was a session co-chair

Abstract Number 1611: Incorporating In Vitro Reproductive and Developmental Assays into Regulatory Risk Assessment: Introduction
Author: Fitzpatrick S

Abstract Number 1614: Qualifying New In Vitro Tools for Use in a Regulatory Risk Assessment
Author: Fitzpatrick S

Poster Session:  The Developmental Basis of Adult Disease

Abstract Number 2212/Poster P527: An Embryonic Zebrafish Screening Model for Early Life-Stage Obesity
Authors: Cagle P, Padilla S, Tennant A, Tal T, Hedge J, Chorley B, Angrish M

Poster Session:  Genetic Toxicity

Abstract Number 2269/Poster P627: Genotoxicity Assessment of Nanomaterials: Best Practices, Assays, and Methods
Authors: Elespuru R, Pfuhler S, Aardema MJ, Chen T, Doak S, Doherty A, Farabaugh CS, Kenny J, Manjanatha M, Ouedraogo G, Mahadevan B, Moore MM, Stankowski LF, Tanir JY

Workshop Session:  Low-dose Non-monotonic Responses

ICCVAM member Suzanne Fitzpatrick (FDA) was a session co-chair

Abstract Number 2315: Low-dose Non-monotonic Responses: Introduction
Author: Fitzpatrick S

Poster Session:  Air Pollution: Particulate Matter

Abstract Number 2457/Poster P215: Zebrafish Locomotor Responses Predict Irritant Potential of Smoke Particulate Matter from Five Biomass Fuels
Authors: Martin WK, Padilla S, Kim YH, Hays MD, Hunter DL, Hazari MS, Gilmour MI, Farraj AK

Poster Session:  Developmental Neurotoxicity

Abstract Number 2641/Poster P531: Comparison of the Developmental and Acute Neurotoxicity of a Library of Organophosphorus Pesticides Using a Vertebrate Behavioral Assay
Authors: Padilla S, Waalkes M, Hedge JM, Hunter DL, Jarema K

Poster Session:  Liver 2: Mechanisms and Translational Biomarkers

Abstract Number 2541b/Poster P349: Gene Expression Profiling of Primary Human Hepatocyte Inter-individual Variance in Adaptive Stress Response Activation
Authors: Huppelschoten S, Niemeijer M, den Hollander W, Baze A, Parmentier C, Paules R, Richert L, van de Water B

Poster Session:  Alternatives to Mammalian Models II

Abstract Number 2792/Poster P160: Toxicity Profiling Using a Battery of Assays in Zebrafish Embryos Including Teratogenicity, Behavior, Cardiotoxicity, Ototoxicity, and Hepatotoxicity
Authors: Quevedo C, Alzualke A, Alday A, Irijalba I, Holgado O, Muriana A, Ryan K, Paules R, Behl M

Poster Session:  Quantitative Systems Toxicology

Abstract Number 2922/Poster P416: Evaluation of Parameter Settings in Genomic Benchmark Dose Analysis that Minimize False Discovery and Maximize Reproducibility
Authors: Auerbach SS, Phillips J, Svoboda DL, Yang L, Kuo B, Thomas RS, Yauk CL, Shah RR, Paules R

Symposium Session:  The Next Technology Wave: Biosensors, Extreme Computing, and Organ Chips for Predicting Cardiovascular Toxicity

Abstract Number 3124: Advancing FDA Regulatory Science Through Innovation
Author: Fitzpatrick S

Symposium Session:  Quantitative Systems Toxicology for Chemical Safety Assessment

ICCVAM member Richard Paules (NIEHS) was a session co-chair

Abstract Number 3114: Implementing Approaches for Moving Tox21 Towards Quantitative Systems Toxicology
Author: Paules R