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Presentations at SOT 2018

57th Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology
March 11-15, 2018 - San Antonio, TX, USA

Satellite Meetings

Building a Better Epithelium: Breaking the Barrier to the Next Generation of Toxicity Testing

NICEATM Director Warren Casey and David Allen (ILS, NICEATM support contract) were members of the organizing committee.

Updates on Activities Related to 21st-Century Toxicology and Related Efforts: Invited Presentations and Open Microphone

NICEATM Deputy Director Nicole Kleinstreuer and ICCVAM Members Suzanne Fitzpatrick (U.S. Food and Drug Administration [FDA]) and Gino Scarano (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [EPA]) presented.

Continuing Education Courses

The What, When, and How of Using Data from Alternative Testing Methods in Chemical Safety Assessments

ICCVAM member Suzanne Fitzpatrick (FDA) was a course co-chair.

In Vitro Testing: Tales from the Real World

Presentation: Developing, Testing, and Implementing Novel Testing Strategies for Skin Sensitization
Presenter: Kleinstreuer N

Presentation: Replacing Animal Use for Eye Irritation Testing—Once and for All, Let’s Get It Done
Presenter: Allen D

Presentation: Moving Toward Implementation: The Role of International Collaboration, Opportunities, and Challenges
Presenter: Lowit A

Consumer Products Safety Assessment: Progress in the Use of Alternatives to Animal Models

Presentation: The Regulatory Perspective: Approaches for Development, Validation, and Utilization of Alternative Methods for Toxicity Testing
Presenter: Matheson J

Exhibitor-hosted Sessions

Implementing New Approaches to Evaluate the Safety of Chemicals and Medical Products in the United States

Sponsored by NTP and the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences

U.S. EPA’s Toxic Substances Control Act: Strategy for Alternative Test Methods to Reduce Animal Testing

Sponsored by EPA

NICEATM Presentations

Please note: PDFs of poster presentations are large files (1-2 MB) and may take a few moments to open and load. Posters may not be completely accessible to those using assistive technologies. Text versions of posters may provide improved accessibility and may also load faster.

Poster Session: Food Safety and Nutrition

Abstract Number 1613/Poster P853: Evaluating the Applicability of Read-across Tools and High-throughput Screening Data for Food Relevant Chemicals
Authors: Wynder J, Ovesen J, Maier A, Judson R, Kleinstreuer N, Krishnan M

In Vitro Toxicology Lecture and Luncheon

Presentation: More than Skin Deep: When Alternative Approaches Outperform Animal Tests
Presenter: Kleinstreuer N

Poster Session: Bioinformatics and In Silico Modeling

Abstract Number 2124/Poster P461: Evaluating Perturbation of In Vitro Steroidogenesis Using a High-throughput H295R Assay
Authors: Haggard DE, Karmaus AL, Martin MT, Judson RS, Setzer RW, Paul Friedman K

Poster Session: Computational Approaches in Safety Assessment

Agnes Karmaus (ILS, NICEATM support contract) was a session co-chair

Abstract Number 2507/Poster P866: Predicting Chemical Mechanisms-of-action Using High-throughput Transcriptomic Data
Authors: Shah I, Harrill J, Setzer RW, Haggard D, Karmaus A, Martin MT, Thomas RS

Poster Session: Computational Tools for Safety Assessment

Abstract Number 2524/Poster P886: Virtual Screening of Chemicals for Estrogen and Androgen Activities
Authors: Mansouri K, Kleinstreuer N, Grulke C, Richard AM, Shah I, Williams AJ, Judson R

Abstract Number 2534/Poster P896: ICE Tools for Aligning Assay Endpoints to Adverse Outcome Pathways
Authors: Bell SM, Burgoon LD, Phillips J, Ceger P, Karmaus A, Allen D, Casey W, Kleinstreuer N
Poster — Text version of poster

Roundtable Session: Alternative Toxicology Approaches to Evaluate Next-generation Nicotine Products

Presentation: A Roadmap to Establishing New Approaches for Toxicity Testing: Improving Human Relevance and Reducing Animal Use
Presenter: Casey W

Workshop Session: Big Data in Toxicology

Agnes Karmaus (ILS, NICEATM support contract) was a session co-chair

Poster Session: Alternatives to Mammalian Models I

Abstract Number 2354/Poster P708: Variability of LD50 Values from Rat Oral Acute Toxicity Studies: Implications for Alternative Model Development
Authors: Karmaus A, Fitzpatrick J, Allen D, Patlewicz G, Kleinstreuer N, Casey W
Poster — Text version of poster

Abstract Number 2355/Poster P709: Using Chemical and Biological Descriptors to Develop Predictive Models for Rat Acute Oral Toxicity
Authors: Fitzpatrick J, Pradeep P, Karmaus A, Patlewicz G

Workshop Session: Reducing the Uncertainty of Read-across Predictions by New Approach Methodologies: Application in Regulatory Human Risk Assessments

Nicole Kleinstreuer (NICEATM deputy director) was a session co-chair

Presentation: Current and Future Opportunities for U.S. Regulatory Application of Read-across
Presenter: Kleinstreuer N

Poster Session: Skin

Abstract Number 3070/Poster P645: A Multi-centre Validation Study of Amino Acid Derivative Reactivity Assay (ADRA): A Novel In Chemico Alternative Test Method for Skin Sensitization
Authors: Ono A, Watanabe S, Sugawara t, Wakabayashi K, Tahara Y, Horle N, Fujimoto K, Kusakari K, Kurokawa Y, Sozu T, Nakayama T, Kusao T, Kawakami T, Kojima K, Kojima H, Richmond J, Kleinstreuer N, Bae-Hwa K, Yamamoto Y, Fujita M, Kasahara T

Platform Session: Alternative Models for Assessing Developmental Toxicity

Abstract Number 3262: Valproate Analogue Developmental Toxicity Potency in a Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-based Assay is Concordant with In Vivo Potency
Authors: Palmer J, Smith A, Burrier R, Donley E, Kirchner F, Kroese D, Stober R, Kleinstreuer N

Poster Session: Non-Pharmaceutical Safety Assessment

Abstract Number 2910/Poster P436: Evaluation of FXR-Active Chemicals Identified from Tox21 Screening
Authors: Hamm J, Ceger P, Chang X, Maull E, Mahapatra D, Knuth M, Lingerfelt M, Ekins S, Xia M, Kullman SW
Poster — Text version of poster

Poster Session: Alternatives to Mammalian Models III: Liver, Ocular, and Skin Alternatives

Abstract Number 3160/Poster P793: Performance of the OptiSafe Ocular Irritation Assay in a Three-Laboratory Validation Study
Authors: Choksi N, Daniel A, Lebrun S, Nguyen M, DeGeorge G, Willoughby JA, Casey W, Allen D
Poster — Text version of poster

ICCVAM Committee Activities

ICCVAM Committee member names are indicated in boldface in author lists.

Poster Session: Food Safety and Nutrition

Abstract Number 1602/Poster P842: Development of a Consensus Approach for Botanical Safety Evaluations
Authors: Griffiths JC, Edwards J, Fitzpatrick S, Galli CL, Hayes AW, Mahony C, Marsman DS, Oberlies NH, O’Keefe L, Roe AL, Walker NJ, Wilson CL

Poster Session: Regulatory Policy and Policy Evaluation

Abstract Number 1639/Poster P885: Reduce Animal Use for Acute Toxicity in U.S. EPA Pesticide Programs
Authors: Tao J, Kelgwin T, Lowit A

Poster Session: Biotransformation and Metabolism

Abstract Number 1313/Poster P411: High-throughput Transcriptomics to Dissect the Inter-individual Variability of the Unfolded Protein Response Activation Using a Large Panel of Primary Human Hepatocytes
Authors: van de Water B, Niemeiger M, Huppelschoten S, den Hollander W, Paules R, Richert L

Poster Session: Cardiovascular Toxicology: In Vivo Systems

Abstract Number 1167/Poster P209: An Automated Heart Rate Detection Platform in Wildtype Zebrafish for Cardiotoxicity Screening of Fine Particulate Matter Air Pollution
Authors: Martin WK, Tennant AH, Conolly, RB, Stevens JS, DeMarini DM, Gilmour MI, Cascio WE, Hays ME, Martin BL, Thompson LC, Hazari MS, Padilla S, Farraj AK

Platform Session: Clinical and Translation Toxicology: From Theory to Therapy

Abstract Number 1720: Importance of Translation from In Vitro Testing to Approved Products and Treatments
Author: Mendrick D

Poster Session: Bioinformatics and In Silico Modeling

Abstract Number 2103/Poster P440: Identifying and Annotating Hallmark Genes Relevant to Toxicogenomics
Authors: Kiros B, Mav D, Everett L, Shah R, Paules R, Scott A

Abstract Number 2122/Poster P459: Application of CompTox Data to Support Chemical Group Identification of Pesticides for Cumulative Risk Assessment
Authors: Fransoza J, Craig E, Dobreniecki S, Perron M, Pope-Varsalona H, Houck K, Lowit A, Thomas R

Poster Session: Computational Approaches in Safety Assessment

Abstract Number 2495/Poster P854: A Non-parametric Approach for Selecting Benchmark Responses for In Vitro or Alternative Animal Model Data
Authors: Hsieh J, Lin J, Sedykh A, Parham F, Shapiro A, Sipes NS, Ryan K, Behl M, Paules RS, Auerbach SS

Abstract Number 2508/Poster P867: Confidence in Fitting and Hitting Concentration-response Data: Tox21 10K Library Pipeline Comparison
Authors: Sipes NS, Huang R, Shockley K, Martin MT, Shapiro A, Addington J, Auerbach S, Paules R, Judson R, Houck K, Hong H, Hsieh J

Historical Highlights Session: Arsenic, a Gift and Malice: From Discovery to Detrimental Effects, a Historical Perspective

Presentation: The Daunting Task of Looking for Arsenic in Foods: An FDA Perspective
Presenter: Fitzpatrick S

Poster Session: Mixtures

Abstract Number 2087b/Poster P423: Report of the 2017 Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Conference on Risk Assessment of Chemical Mixtures
Authors: Mumtaz M, Johnson M, Genderen E, Ottinger M, Beasley A, Furlong E, Brix K, Schlekat T, Backhaus T

Poster Session: Emerging Technologies

Abstract Number 2136/Poster P473: Population Variability in Neurotoxicity Outcomes Modeled In Vitro with Diversity Outbred Neural Progenitor Cells
Authors: Harrill A, Behl M, Choi T, Page L, Everett L, Balik-Meisner M, Porter D, Witt K, Paules R

Poster Session: Skin

ICCVAM co-chair Emily Reinke (Department of Defense) was a session co-chair

Roundtable Session: Is Common Mechanism of Action Essential to Conduct a Cumulative Risk Assessment or Just Nice to Have?

ICCVAM member Suzanne Fitzpatrick (FDA) was a session co-chair

Presentation: State of the Science, or What to Advise Scientists on How to Conduct a Mixtures Risk Assessment
Presenter: Fitzpatrick S

Poster Session: Alternatives to Mammalian Models III: Liver, Ocular, and Skin Alternatives

Abstract Number 3146/Poster P779: Prediction of Skin Sensitization Potential in Compounds of Military Interest by In Vitro Methodologies
Authors: Reinke EN, Adams VH, Eck WS

Abstract Number 3153/Poster P786: Total Number of Benchmark Concentration from High-throughput Transcriptomics and Organotypic Liver Models as Quantitative Indicators of Liver Injury Potential
Authors: Ferguson SS, Ramaiahgari SC, Saddler T, Auerbach S, Sipes N, Rice JR, Dunlap PE, Merrick B, Shah R, DeVito MJ, Paules RS

Abstract Number 3154/Poster P787: Functional Characterization of Human and Rat 3D Hepatocyte Models and Application of High-throughput Transcriptomics (S1500+) in Toxicology Screening
Authors: Ramaiahgari SC, Saddler T, Waidyanatha S, Dixon D, Sipes NS, Merrick AB, Rice JR, Dunlap PE, DeVito MJ, Paules RS, Auerbach SS, Ferguson SS

Platform Session: Pharmacokinetic Modeling: Development and Applications

Abstract Number 3287: A Biological Modeling Approach for a Malathion and Parathion Mixture Utilizing Tox21 Data
Authors: Emond C, Ruiz P, Mumtaz M

Poster Session: Natural Products

Abstract Number 2929/Poster P457: Effect of pH and Gastro-intestinal Conditions on the Fibrinolytic Activity of Nattokinase and Lumbrokinase In Vitro
Authors: Camacho L, Porter-Gill P, Swift S, Abdel-Rahman A, Welch C, Fitzpatrick S

Informational Session: The U.S Tox21 Collaboration: A Decade of Experience and New Vision for the Future

Presentation: The Future of Tox21: Changing the NTP Landscape
Presenter: Paules R

Presentation: Determining the Predictive Ability of In Vitro Microphysiological Systems to Answer Critical Regulatory Questions
Presenter: Fitzpatrick S

Presentation: Validation for 21st-Century Science
Presenter: Casey W

Roundtable Session: The Kinetically-derived Maximum Dose (KMD), a New Dimension to the Maximum Tolerated Dose (MTD)

Presentation: Regulatory Perspectives on the Use of Toxicokinetic Data in Human Risk Assessment
Presenter: Lowit A