Presentations at SOT 2019

58th Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology
March 10-14, 2019 - Baltimore, MD, USA

Continuing Education Courses

Handling Uncertainties in Evaluating Mixtures: What’s the Difference between a “Similar” and a “Sufficiently Similar” Mixture?

ICCVAM member Suzanne Fitzpatrick (FDA) was a course co-chair.

Role of Toxicokinetics in Human Health Safety Assessments

ICCVAM co-chair Anna Lowit (EPA) was a course co-chair.

Presentation: U.S. EPA Perspective on Implementation of Toxicokinetics in Agrochemical Safety Assessments
Presenter: Lowit A

Beauty of the Skin Is in the Eye of the Beholder: A Basic Course on Dermal and Ocular Toxicology

Presentation: Advances in Nonanimal Alternatives to Dermal and Ocular Toxicity Testing
Presenter: Kleinstreuer N

Awards Ceremony

NICEATM Deputy Director Nicole Kleinstreuer (NIEHS) received the Achievement Award

ICCVAM member Suzanne Fitzpatrick (FDA) received the Enhancement of Animal Welfare Award

Exhibitor-hosted Sessions

Embracing Translation at the National Toxicology Program: A Strategic Realignment

Sponsored by the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences

ICCVAM Update on Implementing New Approaches to Evaluate the Safety of Chemicals and Medical Products in the United States

Sponsored by the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences


Roadmap Overview and ICCVAM Activities
Warren Casey, NIEHS

NTP Activities
Brian Berridge, NIEHS

FDA Activities
Suzanne Fitzpatrick, FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

EPA Activities
Anna Lowit, EPA Office of Pesticide Programs

DoD Activities
Emily Reinke, U.S. Army Public Health Center

Developmental NeuroToxicity Data Integration and Visualization Enabling Resource (DNT-DIVER)

Sponsored by the National Toxicology Program

NICEATM Presentations

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Symposium Session: Advances in In Vitro to In Vivo Extrapolation: Approaches and Applications

Nicole Kleinstreuer (NIEHS) was a session chair

Abstract Number 1018: IVIVE Tools for Risk Assessment
Presenter: Kleinstreuer N

Poster Session: Computational Toxicology I

Abstract Number 1745/Poster P121: Adding Context to Tox21/ToxCast Data: Linking In Vitro Assays to Toxicity Outcomes
Authors: Karmaus AL, Bell SM, Allen DG, Casey WM, Kleinstreuer NC
Recognized as a Top 10 Risk Assessment Abstract for the 2019 Annual Meeting, SOT Risk Assessment Specialty Section
Karmaus et al poster — Text version of Karmaus et al poster

Abstract Number 1747/Poster P123: The Integrated Chemical Environment: Tools and Data to Support Toxicity Assessments
Authors: Bell SM, Phillips J, Cariello N, Ceger P, Chang X, Hermes F, Karmaus AL, Mansouri K, McAfee E, Rai R, Allen DG, Casey WM, Kleinstreuer NC
Bell et al poster — Text version of Bell et al poster

Poster Session: Alternatives to Mammalian Models I

Abstract Number 2453/Poster P868: Prevalidation of the OptiSafe Ocular Irritation Assay for the Detection of Ocular Corrosives
Authors: Lebrun SJ, Choksi N, Daniel A, Allen D, Casey W

Toxicological Sciences Featured Session: From the Pages of ToxSci: Mouse vs. Machine…Are Animal Studies Being Supplanted by Computers? (Moderated Panel Discussion)

Nicole Kleinstreuer (NIEHS) was a panel participant

Poster Session: Alternatives to Mammalian Models II

Abstract Number 2469/Poster P884: Using the Monocyte Activation Test for Medical Devices
Authors: Allen DG, Clippinger A, Morefield S, Casey WM, Ghosh C, Goode J, Brown J
Allen et al poster Text version of Allen et al poster

Abstract Number 2485/Poster P900: Exploring Current Read-across Applications and Needs Among U.S. Federal Agencies
Authors: Mumtaz M, Lizarraga L, Rua D, Allen DG, Daniel A, Fitzpatrick SC, Garcia-Reyero N, Gordon J, Hakkinen P, Howard AS, Karmaus AL, Matheson J, Ruiz P, Scarano L, Kleinstreuer NC, Patlewicz G
Please note: This is a duplicate of Abstract Number 1771, which was not presented at the meeting.
Mumtaz et al poster Text version of Mumtaz et al poster

Symposium Session: Establishing Effective Alternatives for Acute Oral and Inhalation Systemic Toxicity Testing

Agnes Karmaus (ILS, contractor supporting NICEATM) and Nicole Kleinstreuer (NIEHS) were session co-chairs

Abstract Number 2562: Derivation of a Dataset for Modeling Acute Oral Toxicity and Variability Assessment of In Vivo LD50 Data
Presenter: Kleinstreuer N

Abstract Number 2563: International Collaboration to Build Predictive Models for Acute Oral Toxicity
Presenter: Mansouri K

Symposium Session: Understanding the Utility of In Vitro Developmental Toxicity Assays and Building Integrated Testing Strategies

Abstract Number 3207: Current and Future Opportunities for U.S. Regulatory Application of Developmental Toxicity NAMs
Presenter: Kleinstreuer N

Poster Session: Disposition and Pharmacokinetics

Abstract Number 3138/Poster P886: An Open-source, Generalized Workflow for IVIVE Analysis
Authors: Chang X, Mansouri K, Hermes F, Phillips J, Bell SM, Allen DG, Casey WM, Kleinstreuer NC
Chang et al posterText version of poster

Roundtable Session: A Multi-stakeholder Dialogue on Using Proprietary Modeling Platforms to Support Risk Assessment and Regulatory Decisions

Presentation: QSAR Modeling to Support Regulatory Purposes
Presenter: Mansouri K

Poster Session: Late-Breaking 4: Chemical Threats; Skin; Ocular; Clinical and Translational Toxicology

Abstract Number 3401/Poster P194: Mixture-based Modeling of Chemical Ocular Toxicity Based on US EPA Hazard Categories
Authors: Sedykh A, Choksi N , Allen D , Kleinstreuer N , Casey W, Shah RR
Sedykh et al poster

Poster Session: Late-Breaking 10: Risk Assessment; Exposure Assessment; Epidemiology; Regulation; Food Safety

Abstract Number 3514/Poster P310: Defined Approach for Detection of Eye Irritants and Corrosives for Pesticide Formulations
Authors: Choksi N, Clippinger AJ, Gehen S, Corvaro M, Ng S, Kolle SN, van Cott A, Hofstra A, Inforzato M, Ryan N, Webb E, Casey W, Allen D
Choksi et al poster Text version of Choksi et al poster

ICCVAM Committee Activities

ICCVAM Committee member names are indicated in boldface in author lists.

Platform Session: SPC Highlights Emerging Scientists: Mechanistic Toxicology to Decode Injury and Repair

Abstract Number 1080: What’s So Special about 3D Spheroid Cultures? Exploration of Best Practices with Human Hepatocyte Models over Time in Culture
Authors: Lavrich KS, Ramaiahgari, DeVito MJ, Paules RS, Ferguson SS

Poster Session: Air Pollution: Biomass

Abstract Number 1108/Poster P129: Zebrafish Locomotor Responses Reveal That Irritant Effects of Biomass Smoke Are Influenced by Fuel Type, Burn Conditions, and Byproduct Chemistry
Authors: Martin WK, Padilla S, Kim Y, Hays MD, Hunter DL, Hazari MS, DeMarini DM, Gilmour MI, Farraj AK

Poster Session: Neurotoxicity: Developmental

Abstract Number 1367/Poster P424: Screening for Developmental Neurotoxicity at the National Toxicology Program: The Future Is Here
Authors: Behl M, Ryan K, Hsieh J, Parham F, Shapiro AJ, Collins BJ, Sipes NS, Birnbaum LS, Bucher JR, Foster PM, Walker NJ, Paules RS

Abstract Number 1376/Poster P433: Assessment of Neurotoxic Potential of 90 Blinded Compounds Using Zebrafish Embryos
Authors: Quevedo C, Behl M, Ryan K, Paules RS, Alday A, Muriana A, Alzualde A

Abstract Number 1379/Poster P436: Assessing the Developmental Toxicity and Developmental Neurotoxicity of 26 Organophosphorus Pesticides Using a Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Larval Assay
Authors: Padilla S, Waalkes M, Hunter DL, Hedge J, Jarema K

Poster Session: Biomarkers of Disease and Exposure

Abstract Number 1470/Poster P552: Transient Alanine Aminotransferase Increases following Acetaminophen Treatment in Rats
Authors: Mattes WB, Regev A, Church RJ, Watkins PB, Avigan M, Mendrick D, Greenhaw JJ, Shi Q

Poster Session: Liver II

Abstract Number 1287/Poster P316: Transcriptomic Profiling of the Inter-Individual Variability of Chemical-Induced Cellular Stress Response Activation Using a Large Panel of Primary Human Hepatocyte Donors
Authors: Niemeijer M, Huppelschoten S, Baze A, Parmentier C, Paules RS, Richert L, van de Water B

Symposium Session: Strategic Development of Read-Across within the EU-ToxRisk Project and Beyond

Abstract Number 1630: A View across the Atlantic: Synopsis and Opportunities
Author: Fitzpatrick S

Poster Session: Ecotoxicology

Abstract Number 1159/Poster P183: Examination of the Avian Acute Oral versus Sub-Acute Dietary Testing in Ecological Risk Assessment
Authors: Hilton GM, Odenkirchen E, Panger M, Waleko G, Lowit A, Clippinger AJ

Poster Session: Metals I

Abstract Number 2322/Poster P734: Oncogenic KRAS Occurs after Prolonged In Vitro Arsenite Exposure of Human Prostate Epithelial Cells
Authors: Merrick A, Phadke D, Shah R, Pelch K, Auerbach S, Paules R, DeVito M, Waalkes M, Tokar E

Abstract Number 2342/Poster P754: Systematic Review on the Effects of a 0.5 µg/dL Blood Lead Level in Children and Pregnant Women
Authors: Dolan L, Flannery B, Fitzpatrick S

Poster Session: Alternatives to Mammalian Models I

Abstract Number 2425/Poster P840: Increasing Confidence in the EASA Skin Sensitization Assay Using a Measurement Science Approach
Authors: Gordon J, Uhl R, Toman B, Elliot J, Petersen E

Abstract Number 2440/Poster P855: The Power of Resolution: Contextualized Understanding of Chemical-Biological Interactions
Authors: Ferguson SS, Ramaiahgari SC, Auerbach SS, Saddler TO, Rice JR, Dunlap PE, Sipes NS, DeVito MJ, Shah RR, Bushel PR, Merrick B, Paules RS

Poster Session: Biological Modeling

Abstract Number 1827/Poster P208: Gaining Insights to Molecular Mechanisms of Combined Air Pollutants Exposures Using PBPK Models and Systems Biology Approaches
Authors: Ruiz P, Emond C, Mumtaz M

Roundtable Session: The Delaney Clause, from 1958 to 2019: Making the Model Relevant

Presentation: Relevance of the Delaney Clause to the 21st-Century Regulatory Issues
Author: Fitzpatrick S

Symposium Session: Scientific and Regulatory Update in the Application of the 3Rs Principle in Chemical and Drug Development

Abstract Number 2508: U.S. EPA Initiative to Implement Alternatives to Acute Systemic Toxicity: An Update
Author: Lowit A

Symposium Session: When “Natural” Is Not Synonymous with “Safe': Toxicity of Natural Products Alone and in Combination with Pharmaceutical Agents

Donna Mendrick (FDA) was a session chair

Symposium Session: Establishing Effective Alternatives for Acute Oral and Inhalation Systemic Toxicity Testing

Abstract Number 2561: Regulatory Progress on Acute Toxicity Testing
Author: Lowit A

Workshop Session: Pregnant and Vaping: Knowns and Unknowns of Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity Related to Electronic Cigarettes

Abstract Number 2597: Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems in Context: The US FDA Perspective
Author: Hung P

Platform Session: SPC Highlights Emerging Scientists: Biopharmaceutical Safety Assessment

Abstract Number 2622: 3D Hepatocyte Spheroid Models in High-Throughput Transcriptomics and Benchmark Concentration Analysis for Predictive Liver Toxicology Screening
Authors: Ramaiahgari SC, Auerbach SS, Saddler TO, DeVito MJ, Merrick AB, Paules RS, Ferguson SS

Poster Session: Risk Assessment II

Abstract Number 2762/Poster P248: An Integrated Approach to Evaluate Common Mechanisms of Toxicity in Pesticides to Support Cumulative Risk Assessment
Authors: Leonard J, Nelms M, Craig E, Dobreniecki S, Perron M, Pope-Varsalona H, Lowit A, Tan C

Poster Session: Alternatives to Mammalian Models III

Abstract Number 3178/Poster P763: Development of a Zebrafish S1500+ Sentinel Gene Set for High-Throughput Transcriptomics
Authors: Balik-Meisner M, Phadke D, Mav D, Everett L, Shah R, Merrick BA, Paules R

Poster Session: Regulatory Policy and Methods

Abstract Number 2795/Poster P281: Development of a Joint DOD Roadmap to Promote the Use of New Approach Methodologies in Rapid Chemical Hazard Assessment
Authors: Perkins E, Burgoon L, Garcia-Reyero N, Gearhart JM, McAtee M, Ott D, Pangburn H, Reinke E, Stolle L

Abstract Number 2781/Poster P285: Use of Dog Studies in U.S. FDA’s Safety Assessments for Food Additives and Color Additives
Authors: Anyangwe N, Fitzpatrick S, Flannery B, Mattia A, Schaefer H, Tyler T, Whiteside C

Poster Session: Emerging Technologies

Abstract Number 3069/Poster P606: Physicochemical Characterization and In Vitro Toxicity of Emissions from a 3D Printer
Authors: Farkas M, Stefaniak A, Knepp A, Bowers L, Jackson S, Mandler W, Stueckle T, Friend S, Qi C, Hammond D, Thomas T, Matheson J, Qian Y

Poster Session: Food Safety and Nutrition

Abstract Number 2640/Poster P105: Chemical Contaminants in Children's Foods: A Review of Recent Literature
Authors: Schaefer H, Fitzpatrick S, Flannery B

Ancillary Meetings

A Non-animal Six-pack for Pesticide Testing: Update on Ongoing and Planned Activities

Monday, March 11 – Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor, University Ballroom

Presentation: Non-Animal 6-Pack for Pesticide Testing: Update (Anna Lowit, EPA, ICCVAM Co-chair)

Updates on Activities Related to 21st Century Toxicology: Invited Presentations and Open Microphone

Thursday, March 14 – Hilton Baltimore

ICCVAM members presenting included:

  • Richard Paules (NIEHS): Tox21
  • Nicole Kleinstreuer (NIEHS): ICCVAM Activities
  • Suzanne Fitzpatrick (FDA): Organ-on-a-chip and Predictive Toxicology Roadmap
  • Gino Scarano (EPA): Progress in implementing NAMs under TSCA