Presentations at Teratology Society 2019

59th Annual Meeting of the Teratology Society 
June 22-26, 2019  - San Diego, California, USA

Full meeting program available as a special issue of Birth Defects Research

Platform Presentations

Establishing Scientific Confidence in Alternate Approaches

Abstract S27: Federal Agency Activities to Identify and Implement Alternatives
Author: Kleinstreuer NC

Poster Presentations

Abstract P36: The National Toxicology Program’s Systematic Evaluation of the Application of Zebrafish in Toxicology: SEAZIT [View Poster]
Authors: Hamm J, Behl M, Ceger P, Haendel M, Marvel S, Maull E, Muriana A, Reif D, Tanguay R, Thessen A, Truong L, Vallant M, Walker N, Ryan K

Abstract P68: Application of a controlled vocabulary to curated databases of in vivo developmental toxicity data [View Poster]
Authors: Ceger P, Bell S, Choksi N, Hamm J, Daniel A, Allen D, Kleinstreuer N