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Testing Status of Pentamidine isethionate 140647


CASRN: 140-64-7

Formula: C19-H24-N4-O2.2C2-H6-O4-S

Synonyms/Common Names

  • 4,4'-Diaminidino-diphenoxypentane di (b-hydroxyethanesulfonate)
  • Ethanesulfonic acid, 2-hydroxy-, compound with 4,4'-(1,5-Pentanediylbis(oxy))bis(benzenecarboximidamide) (2:1) (9CI)
  • Pentamidine isethionate (AIDS)

Genetic Toxicology

  • In Vitro Cytogenetics (CA/SCE)  (001715)  Completed 
    • Sister Chromatid Exchange Weakly Positive 
    • Chromosome Aberrations Negative 
  • Micronucleus  (679589)  Completed 
    • Citation: Phillips, M.D., Nascimbeni, B., Tice, R.R., and Shelby, M.D. Induction of MN in Mouse BM cells: An evaluation of nucleoside analogues used in the treatment of Aids. Environ. Molec. Mutag. Vol. 18 (1991) 168-183
    • Mice: B6C3F1
    • Male Negative 
  • Salmonella  (570969)  Completed 
    •  Negative 
  • Salmonella  (A55199)  Completed 
    •  Negative 

Organ Systems Toxicity

  • 22 days over a 30 day period Immunotoxicity (Subcutaneous Injection)  (IMM88036)  Completed 
    • Female Mice: C57BL/6
    • Dose: 10, 17, 25 MG/KG.
  • 3 days Immunotoxicity (Inhalation)  (IMM91026)  Completed 
    • Female Rats: F344/N
    • Dose: 0, 10 MG/CU METER.
  • 1 to 31 Repro/Dev Gen Tox (28-Day) (Intravenous)  (RACB93156)  Completed 
    • Male and Female Mice: Swiss CD-1
    • Dose: N/A; N/A; N/A; N/A.