New Agency Webpages Summarizing Alternative Methods Activities

During 2020 and 2021, several ICCVAM agencies published new webpages summarizing activities to advance alternative methods.

  • In May 2020, FDA published “Advancing Alternative Methods at FDA,” which highlights activities of its Alternative Methods Working Group. The working group was established to facilitate interactions with global regulatory bodies interested in implementing alternative methods in toxicology. Additionally, the group examines opportunities and viable ways by which emerging methods and new technologies can support regulatory review of risk, safety, and efficacy of FDA-regulated products. Resources available from the page include links to relevant reports, publications, and FDA webpages and contact information for the working group.
  • In October 2020, EPA published “Strategic Vision for Adopting New Approach Methodologies,” which describes activities, partnerships, and goals of several EPA offices to reduce animal testing. Resources available from this page include links to EPA webpages that provide more details on activities within the EPA Offices of Pesticide Programs, Pollution Prevention and Toxics, Science and Policy Coordination, and Research & Development.
    A key resource within the EPA website is the webpage, “Adopting 21st Century Science Methodologies – Metrics.” This page includes data compiled by the Hazard and Science Policy Council, the Chemistry and Acute Toxicology Science Advisory Council, and other groups about how EPA activities and policies have reduced the number of animals used in testing and saved EPA and stakeholder resources.