NICEATM: Alternative Methods

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The NTP Interagency Center for the Evaluation of Alternative Toxicological Methods (NICEATM) develops and evaluates alternatives to animal use for chemical safety testing. The topics in this section provide information about approaches used to replace, reduce, or refine animal use while ensuring that the toxic potential of substances is appropriately characterized.


NICEATM Resources

U.S. Roadmap

The U.S. Roadmap guides stakeholders seeking to develop or promote use of novel approaches to assessment. Learn more about this resource. Go

Accepted Alternative Methods

NICEATM has compiled a list of alternative methods already accepted by U.S. agencies. Read more. Go


View information on ICCVAM, a permanent committee of NIEHS under NICEATM. Go

Test Method Evaluations

ICCVAM and NICEATM have evaluated approaches for replacing and reducing animal use, and ICCVAM has issued recommendations. Read more. Go

Computational Toxicology

Computational toxicology studies use computer models to better understand and predict toxic effects. Read about NICEATM computational toxicology projects and resources. Go

3Rs Meetings, Workshops & Webinars

NICEATM organizes meetings and workshops related to the 3Rs. Browse lists of events organized by NICEATM and collaborators. Go

Publications & Presentations

View lists of NICEATM publications and presentations at scientific meetings. Go

Resources for Test Method Developers

Access resources for test method developers interested in alternative methods. Go


ALTBIB provides access to PubMed citations for users seeking information on alternatives to animal testing. Go


Contact NICEATM. Go