Data & Resources

NTP makes a wide variety of data and resources available to researchers and the general public. This page includes links to NTP study data (including Data Downloads, Data Tables for Peer Review, and Chemical Effects in Biological Systems), as well as various resources devoted to pathology and test-method development. You can also access these links, along with numerous others, on our Frequently Used Resources page.

Study Data

Chemical Effects in Biological Systems

View individual data and summaries from over 2,000 NTP studies. Go

Data Download

Download studies and data pertaining to various test substances. Go

Data Tables for Peer Review

View growth, survival, pathology, and other tables from NTP's draft reports. Go


Frequently Used Resources

Access tools, articles, tables, and data pertaining to NTP reports. Go

Historical Controls

View growth, survival, and cancer-incidence data from NTP control rodent studies. Go

Integrated Chemical Environment (ICE)

View high-quality data pertaining to new methods for assessing chemical safety. Go

Resources for Alternative Test Method Developers

Access data and information pertaining to alternative test method development. Go

Comptox Tools and Resources

Download tools for visualizing Tox21 quantitative HTS (qHTS) 10K library data. Go

Pathology Resources

Nonneoplastic Lesion Atlas

View high-quality images and descriptions of nonneoplastic lesions in rodents. Go

NTP Archives

View research specimens and supporting data from over 2,000 NTP studies. Go