FAQs & Fact Sheets

List of available fact sheets, brochures, and frequently asked questions
Topic File Type Last Updated
Botanical Dietary Supplements Program Fact Sheet Aug 2020
Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation Studies Fact Sheet Feb 2023
Lead Fact Sheet May 2021
Mold Fact Sheet Nov 2021
Systematic Review Fact Sheet Feb 2015
Tox21: Chemical Testing in the 21st Century Fact Sheet Dec 2019
West Virginia Chemical Spill: NTP Research Response and Findings Fact Sheet Aug 2019
15th Report on Carcinogens Fact Sheet - Report on Carcinogens Dec 2021
Chemical Effects in Biological Systems (CEBS) Pocket Card Jan 2020
Developmental Neurotoxicity Data Integration and Visualization Enabling Resource (DNT-DIVER) Pocket Card Jan 2020
Integrated Chemical Environment (ICE) and Open Structure-activity/property Relationship App (OPERA) Pocket Card Mar 2023
Nonneoplastic Lesion Atlas Pocket Card Mar 2019
NTP Archives Brochure Apr 2014
Acrylamide FAQ Aug 2022
Air Pollution and Your Health FAQ Aug 2023
Aloe Vera FAQ Aug 2021
Alternatives to Animal Testing FAQ Feb 2022
Arsenic FAQ Feb 2022
Autoimmune Diseases FAQ May 2022
Bisphenol A (BPA) FAQ Jan 2023
Breast Cancer FAQ Aug 2023
Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation Studies FAQ Feb 2023
Cosmetics and Your Health FAQ Apr 2023
Dioxins FAQ Jul 2023
Electric and Magnetic Fields FAQ Mar 2022
Endocrine Disruptors FAQ Jun 2023
Flame Retardants FAQ Apr 2023
Formaldehyde FAQ Jan 2023
Hexavalent Chromium FAQ Jan 2023
Lead FAQ Aug 2022
Lung Diseases FAQ Nov 2022
Mold FAQ Jun 2023
Nanomaterials (NIEHS) FAQ Jan 2023
Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) FAQ Oct 2023
Postdoctoral Training FAQ Nov 2022
Safe Water and Your Health FAQ Jul 2023
Styrene FAQ Jul 2022
Toxicology FAQ Nov 2022