Tox21BodyMap: A Webtool to Map Chemical Effects on the Human Body

To support rapid chemical toxicity assessment and mechanistic hypothesis generation, EPA and NIEHS scientists developed an intuitive webtool allowing a user to identify target organs in the human body where a substance is predicted to be more likely to produce effects (Borrel et al. 2020). This tool, Tox21BodyMap, incorporates results of 9,270 chemicals tested in the United States federal Tox21 research consortium using 971 HTS assays whose targets were mapped onto human organs using organ-specific gene expression data. Via Tox21BodyMap's interactive tools, users can visualize chemical target specificity by organ system and implement different filtering criteria by changing gene expression thresholds and activity concentration parameters. Dynamic network representations, data tables, and plots with comprehensive activity summaries across all Tox21 HTS assay targets provide an overall picture of chemical bioactivity.