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Reports & Monographs

15th Report on Carcinogens cover

Report on Carcinogens

A congressionally mandated public-health document about agents that cause cancer. Go
Stack of NTP technical reports

Technical Reports

Long-term studies of the toxicologic potential of agents in test animals. Go
orange report cover

Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity Reports

Reports about the potential of agents to affect test animal development and reproduction. Go
Stack of printed NTP Immunotoxicity reports

Immunotoxicity Reports

Reports about the potential of agents to damage the immune systems of test animals. Go
Stack of lead and cancer chemotherapy during pregnancy monographs from NTP's Office of Health Assessment and Translation


Completed assessments of the cancer and noncancer health effects of various agents. Go
Stack of printed NTP research reports

Research Reports

NTP reports that fall outside the scope of other report series. Go
Stack of NTP toxicity reports

Toxicity Reports

Short-term studies of the toxicologic potential of agents in test animals. Go

Computer screen displaying general text and images

Scientific Posters

A collection of posters pertaining to NTP research reports. Go
A hand holding a pen over a bar graph on a report

NIEHS Reports

Innovative toxicology research conducted to better understand the effects of environmental exposures on human health or to evaluate research methods that may improve our ability to identify hazards. Go