Abstract for TR-249

Lifetime Carcinogenesis Studies of Amosite Asbestos in Syrian Golden Hamsters (Feed Studies)

CASRN: 12172-73-5
Chemical Formula: (FeC2+Mg)6· Si8O22(OH)2
Report Date: Nov 1983

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Amosite Asbestos was subsequently tested in F344 rats administered in feed (See TR-279, reported 1990).

Carcinogenesis studies of amosite asbestos were conducted by administering diets containing 1% of the asbestos in pellets from the conception of the mothers through the lifetime of male and female Syrian golden hamsters. Control groups consisted of 127 male and 126 female hamsters and the amosite asbestos groups consisted of 252 male and 254 female hamsters.

No adverse effect on body weight gain or survival was observed from treatment with amosite asbestos. Neither of the amosite asbestos groups showed increased neoplasia in any organ or tissue compared to the control groups.

Under the conditions of these studies, the ingestion of amosite asbestos at a level of 1% in the diet for their lifetime was not toxic and did not cause a carcinogenic response in male and female Syrian golden hamsters.



Levels of Evidence of Carcinogenicity:
Sex Species Results
Male Hamsters: Negative
Female Hamsters: Negative