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Reports & Publications

Patient's hand receiving treatment for cancer

Now Available

NTP Monograph on the Systematic Review of Occupational Exposure to Cancer Chemotherapy Agents and Adverse Health Outcomes


stack of NTP reports

Now Available

NTP Technical Report on the Toxicology and Carcinogenesis Study of Dietary Zinc (CASRN 5263-02-5) in Sprague Dawley Rats (Hsd:Sprague Dawley SD) (Feed Study) (TR-592)


Publication Series, Reports, and Monographs

child with lead paint and cup of water


Assess evidence from the literature on substances in our environment that may cause adverse health effects. Go
14th report on carcinogens

Report on Carcinogens

Identifies substances that may put people at increased risk for cancer. People can use the RoC to make informed decisions about their own health. Find Scientific Review information for substances evaluated since 1996. Go
Stack of printed NTP research reports

Research Reports

Provide results of NTP research and literature-analysis activities that do not fall under the scope of existing report series. Go
Stack of NTP technical reports

Technical Reports

Describe long-term studies that characterize and evaluate the toxicologic potential of selected test articles in animals. Go
Stack of NTP toxicity reports

Toxicity Reports

Describe short-term studies that characterize and evaluate the toxicologic potential of selected substances in laboratory animals. Go
NTP logo

AIDS Therapeutics Toxicity Reports

Evaluate potential health effects of AIDS therapeutics in laboratory animals. Go
Stack of GMM reports

Genetically Modified Model Reports

Characterize and evaluate the toxicologic potential, including carcinogenic activity, of selected agents in laboratory animals that have been genetically modified. Go

Computer screen displaying general text and images

Scientific Posters

A collection of posters pertaining to NTP research reports. Go


Sperm swimming towards an ovary

Developmental (Teratology) Abstracts

Evaluate the potential of chemicals to cause malformations and signs of toxicity during fetal development. Go
Internal  human organs: lungs, liver, stomach and intestines

Drinking Water Abstracts

Studies of water disinfection by-products provide information on their potential toxicity. Go
Phagocytes, bacteria, and T-cells

Immunotoxicity Abstracts

The basic research program for the immunotoxicology studies conducted by NTP includes characterization of the potential for a substance to modulate immune function and hypersensitivity testing in laboratory animals. Go
Sperm swimming towards an ovary

Reproductive Toxicity Study Abstracts

Evaluate potential toxic effects of exposure to environmental and occupational substances on the reproductive system. Go