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What We Study

What We Study

Composite image of chemical structures and medication

Highlighted Research Topics

Notable substances, exposures, and mixtures that have recently been studied by NTP. Go
Mother and child on the bank of the river

Health Effects Assessments

Learn how NTP is evaluating and integrating different types of evidence to inform public health decisions on effects from environmental exposures. Go
Male and female scientists using microscopes in a science lab

Testing Program

Learn about the in vivo and in vitro study types used by NTP researchers and scientists. Go

New Approach Methodologies

Lab on chip device

NICEATM: Alternative Methods

Learn how NTP supports the development and evaluation of new, revised, or alternative methods to identify hazardous substances. Go
Chemist writing on clipboard while working in a laboratory

NTP Laboratory Research

Learn how laboratory research helps scientists identify and understand potential health-related issues for environmental exposures. Go
High-throughput toxicity testing pipettes with Tox21 logo superimposed on background


Learn about this interagency initiative to develop new ways to rapidly test whether substances have the potential to adversely affect human health. Go