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History of the Report on Carcinogens

a stack of four RoCs

1978: Congressional Mandate

Section 301(b)(4) of the Public Health Service Act, as amended, requires that the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) publish an annual report that contains a list of all substances

1980: 1st RoC published

1993: Annual requirement for report changed to biennial

Historical Highlights of the Report on Carcinogens Criteria Listing Review Process

Since the RoC inception in 1978, the NTP has used scientifically rigorous processes and established listing criteria to evaluate substances for the RoC. The Board of Scientific Counselors (BSC) and the public have provided input leading to several evolutions of the RoC review process and listing criteria. The schematic below describes the key elements of the RoC listing criteria and review processes used for specific editions of the RoC. What follows is a list of some pivotal public events, as well as links to more detailed information, which have helped shaped how substances are evaluated for the RoC.

  • 1987 Public Meeting: Input on the review process for the 5th to 7th RoC review process (see schematic for key elements of that process)
  • 1995 Ad hoc Working Group of the BSC Public Meeting: Input on RoC listing criteria (see schematic for 1996 listing criteria)
  • 1999 Public Meeting: Input on RoC review process for the 10th to 11th RoC and on RoC listing criteria. No changes were made on the RoC listing criteria
  • 2004 Public Meeting: Input on 12th RoC review process and RoC listing criteria; no changes were made on the RoC listing criteria
  • 2011 Listening session and NTP BSC meeting: Input on current RoC review process

The link to accessible version is below this image.

Accessible version of schematic

1978: Congressional Mandate