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Ongoing Evaluations

Current Evaluations


Biocides & Potential Respiratory Health Outcomes

Scoping review to systematically map the evidence of respiratory effects associated with exposure to biocides used as hard surface disinfectants. Go
water from faucet

Fluoride: Assessment for Developmental Neurotoxicity

Systematic review to evaluate potential neurobehavioral effects from exposure to fluoride. Go
image of artery wall showing restricted blood flow from the buildup of plaques

Inflammation-based Atherosclerosis

Systematic review to evaluate the evidence that environmental substances contribute to inflammation that ultimately leads to atherosclerosis. Go
Image of exposed brain with a open field in the background

Parkinson's Disease: Associations with Environmental Exposures

Scoping review to systematically map the evidence of the association between exposures to environmental chemicals and Parkinson's Disease. Go