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Test Method Evaluations


Worker in safety gear holding a barrel

Acute Systemic Toxicity

Acute systemic toxicity tests assess the likelihood of chemical or medical products to cause illness following a single exposure. Read about evaluations of approaches that reduce animal use for these tests. Go
Several vials of vaccines


Biologics are medical products derived from biological sources. Learn more about methods that use fewer or no animals to evaluate the safety of biologics. Go
Collage showing human heart, cells, and EKG trace


Cardiotoxicity is a major cause of failure of new drugs. NICEATM is supporting an initiative to design non-animal approaches to assess cardiotoxicity hazard. Go
Happy African-American parents holding their inquisitive toddler

Developmental Toxicity

Developmental toxicity tests assess how substances interfere with normal development and impact offspring. Learn more about alternatives to traditional animal studies for developmental toxicity. Go
Set of test tubes filled with blue liquid

Endocrine Disruptors

Endocrine disruptors are substances that mimic or inhibit the function of hormones. Read about non-animal approaches to identify endocrine disruptors. Go
Microphysiological system

Microphysiological Systems

NICEATM evaluates the use of microphysiological systems, or tissue chips, to replace, reduce, or refine animal use in testing. Go
Closeup of a hazel human eye

Ocular & Dermal Toxicity

Ocular and dermal toxicity tests examine how substances interact with eyes and skin. Learn more about evaluations of non-animal testing approaches. Go
Unfocused image of thermometer metrics


Pyrogens are substances that can produce a fever. Learn more about ICCVAM evaluation of test methods proposed as replacements for the rabbit pyrogen test. Go
Man putting antibiotic ointment on an infected wound

Skin Sensitization

Skin sensitizers can cause allergic skin rashes. Read about how NICEATM and ICCVAM have developed approaches to identify these substances without using animals. Go