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Molecular stucture of Sarin

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Draft NTP Monograph on the Systematic Review of Evidence of Long-Term Neurological Effects following Acute Exposure to the Organophosphorus Nerve Agent Sarin.

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Cell phone

Radio Frequency Radiation

Final NTP reports now available from rat and mouse studies of radio frequency radiation used by cell phones.

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New NeuroToxicity Data Tool: DNT-DIVER

Analyze, compare, and visualize data with interactive web-application


NTP update newsletter

December NTP Update

Information about recent NTP activities and events.

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Toxicology in the twenty first century


The Tox21 Program characterizes potential toxicity of chemicals using cells and isolated molecular targets instead of laboratory animals.

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Assesses evidence that environmental substances may cause health effects.

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About NTP

Science you can depend on for decisions that matter.

The National Toxicology Program provides the scientific basis for programs, activities, and policies that promote health or lead to the prevention of disease. Founded in 1978, NTP plays a critical role in generating, interpreting, and sharing toxicological information about potentially hazardous substances in our environment. NTP strives to remain at the cutting edge of scientific research and the development and application of new technologies for modern toxicology and molecular biology.

A world leader in toxicology research, NTP has evaluated more than 2800 environmental substances for potential human health effects.

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