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Public Comments By Both General Public and Persons Affiliated with Organizations/Companies in response to 72FR27815: LLNA - Comments, Nominations, and Submission of Data PDF

Date Comment Posted Person(s) Link
05-21-2007 Dori Germolec PDF
05-21-2007 Dr. Peter Thorne PDF
06-05-2007 Daniel Cerven and Melissa Kirk PDF
06-05-2007 Dr. Hans-Werner Vohr (first data submission) PDF
06-07-2007 Michael Olson PDF
06-11-2007 Dr. Hans-Werner Vohr (second data submission) PDF
06-12-2007 Dr. Kirill Skirda PDF
06-12-2007 Dr. Phil Botham PDF
06-14-2007 Dr. Peter Ungeheuer PDF
06-14-2007 Robert Guest PDF
06-14-2007 Dr. Daniel Marsman PDF
06-15-2007 Dr. C. Willett, Sara Amundson, Dr. Martin Stephens, Kristie Stoick, Sue Leary, Tracie Letterman PDF
06-15-2007 Dr. Mark Maier PDF
06-15-2007 Dr. Anne Marie Api PDF
06-28-2007 Dr. Hans-Werner Vohr (third data submission) PDF
06-29-2007 Dori Germolec (data submission) PDF
06-29-2007 Dr. Eric Debruyne PDF