ICCVAM Public Forum: May 2024

Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Validation of Alternative Methods (ICCVAM): advancing alternatives to animal testing

May 20-21, 2024

William H. Natcher Conference Center
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD and online

Agenda (updated May 16)

Slides are available below under "Presentations." Videos from the meeting will be posted on this page and all registrants will be emailed when they are available.

ICCVAM’s goals include promotion of national and international partnerships between governmental and nongovernmental groups, including academia, industry, advocacy groups, and other key stakeholders. To foster these partnerships ICCVAM holds annual public forums to share information and facilitate direct communication of ideas and suggestions from stakeholders.

This event was held in person at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD, with an option for remote viewing. Representatives of seven ICCVAM member agencies described their agencies' activities both to advance new approaches to safety testing of chemicals and medical products and to reduce the amount of testing required. Registered participants asked clarifying or follow-up questions of the ICCVAM members about their presentations during the meeting, and representatives of 12 organizations presented public statements relevant to ICCVAM activities.

Federal Register notice announcing meeting (May 8, 2024) [View as webpage]


Welcome and Introductions: Suzanne Fitzpatrick, FDA, and Natalia Garcia-Reyero Vinas DoD, ICCVAM co-chairs

Update on the EPA NAMs Work Plan Implementation: Allison Harrill, EPA

Advancing the Use of New Approach Methods in the FDA Human Foods Program: Suzanne Fitzpatrick, FDA

Center for Devices and Radiological Health Research Related to NAMs: Echo Rufer, FDA

Update on PROMETHEUS Project: Warren Casey, NIEHS

Evaluation of In Vitro Air-liquid Interface (ALI) Airway Culture and Exposure System Technologies: William Gwinn, NIEHS

Measurement Assurance in Cell Counting: Elijah Petersen, NIST

Organ on a Chip Standardization and Research: Darwin Reyes, NIST

Microphysiological Systems Development at NIST: Mandy Esch, NIST

Recap of OECD WNT-36 Meeting: Charles Kovatch, EPA

Public Comments Presented During Meeting:

Overview of the Advisory Committee to the Director NAMs Working Group Recommendations: Anna Mazzucco, NIH

Complement Animal Research in Experimentation (Complement-ARIE) Program: Margaret Ochocinska, NIH

Foundation for NIH: Activities Related to NAMs and Human Health Translation: Dana Connors, Foundation for NIH

The Botanical Safety Consortium: Evaluating NAMs for Use with Complex Mixtures: Cynthia Rider, NIEHS

Overview of DTT's Novel Tools and Approaches Program: Erik Tokar, NIEHS

Animal Welfare Information Center Update: Jessie Carder, USDA

Predictive Risk Approaches for Operational Chemical Risk Assessment: Rebecca Clewell, Air Force Research Laboratory

Current DoD Research and Evaluation Using Non-animal Method in Support of Hazard Assessment: Valerie Adams, Defense Health Agency

NICEATM Update: Nicole Kleinstreuer, NIEHS

ICCVAM Workgroup Updates: Emily Reinke, Inotiv (contractor supporting NICEATM)

Public Comments

3Rs Collaborative (May 16)

American Chemistry Council (May 15)

AOAC Europe (May 15)

Johns Hopkins Toxicology Policy Research Team (May 15)

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (May 15)

Humane Society of the United States/Humane Society Legislative Fund (May 14)

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (May 14)