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Study Types


Female scientist looking through a microscope in a laboratory


Learn how toxicology and carcinogenicity studies are being used to better understand the potential toxic effects of the substances we study. Go
Tissue on chip

Alternative Testing Models

Learn about our efforts to develop testing alternatives for toxicological research that will reduce, replace, or refine animal use. Go
Technician placing blood tubes in laboratory centrifuge

Chemical Disposition & Toxicokinetics

Learn about chemical disposition and toxicokinetic studies. Go
Mitosis of embryo under microscope

Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity

Learn about prenatal developmental toxicity, modified one-generation, and reproductive studies. Go
Scientist examines DNA molecule

Genetic Toxicology

Learn about the in vitro and in vivo tests used to evaluate the potential of substances to damage DNA. Go
Plasma cells segregating antibodies to destroy viruses

Organ Systems Toxicity

Learn about the techniques used for evaluating the potential of substances to damage organ systems. Go
Scientists working with cell cultures under sterile hood


Learn about toxicogenomic studies and the role rodent models play in understanding the effect of substances on molecular biological processes. Go