Presentations at SETAC North America 2020

November 15-19, 2020

Virtual meeting

Platform Presentations

Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing for Ecotoxicity Assessments and Environmental Risk Assessments

Exploring Ways to Reduce Animal Testing in Support of the Registration of Pesticides by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Authors: Lowit M, Ceger P, Allen D, Daniel A, Hamm J, Judkins D, Kleinstreuer N, Montague B, Sprankle C, Truax J, Odenkirchen E

Exposure: Processes and Approaches for Assessing Environmental Exposure

International Computational Modeling Collaborations for Predictive Toxicology
Authors: Mansouri K, Karmaus A, Fitzpatrick J, Patlewicz G, Pradeep P, Allen D, Casey W, Kleinstreuer N