Presentations at ASCCT 2023

Twelfth Annual Meeting: American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology 
October 23-25 - Silver Spring, MD, USA

NICEATM authors in bold; ICCVAM authors in bold italics

Oral Presentations 

NAMs as Problem Solvers

Leveraging the Success of the DASS to Establish IATAs for Respiratory Sensitization
Authors: J Ponder, E Reinke, K Sullivan, E Slankster-Schmeirer, R Vandebriel, E Baker 

Challenges and Solutions to Implementing NAMs for Regulatory Decision-Making Contexts

Implementing the ICCVAM Roadmap: Establishing Confidence
J Gordon

Integrating NAMs for Better Application

Expanding PBPK Modeling to Predict Chemical Distribution in Brain and Adipose Tissues
A Unnikrishnan, X Chang, V Hull, GE Tedla, H Hogberg, J Sluka, J Wambaugh, D Allen, N Kleinstreuer

Deriving Benchmark Doses from the Deep Learning Prediction Scores of High-Throughput Toxicology Images
A Tandon, BE Howard, D Mav, M Balik-Meisner, S Ramaiahgari, S Ferguson, RR Shah, BA Merrick

The SARA-ICE Model for Predicting Skin Sensitizer Potency
G Maxwell, G Reynolds, J Reynolds, N Gilmour, J Strickland, EN Reinke, D Germolec, J Truax, DG Allen, N Kleinstreuer

New Approaches for Ecological Health Assessment v2.0 - Exploring the Environmental Chemical Universe
A Borrel, A Unnikrishnan, DG Allen, N Kleinstreuer

Poster Presentations

Deep Learning Profile QSAR Modeling to Impute In Vitro Assay Results and Predict Chemical Carcinogenesis Mechanisms
Authors: A Borrel, AL Karmaus, G Tedla, K Mansouri, T Luechtefeld, R Lunn, A Wang, DG Allen, N Kleinstreuer
View Borrel et al. poster

Web Application to Predict Skin Sensitization Using Defined Approaches
Authors: KT To, J Strickland, E Reinke, A Borrel, J Truax, D Allen, N Kleinstreuer
View To et al. poster

Tri-Culture Human Gut Model for Microplastic and Nanoplastic Absorption Testing
Authors: R Gutierrez, A Barrios, S Cao, E Petersen

Comparative Analysis of Ames Test Outcomes Across Five OECD-Recommended Strain Groups and Their Various Subsets
Authors: VK Gombar, AY Sedykh, AJ Green, RR Shah, KW Witt, W Casey

Evaluation of Skin Sensitization Classification Rules to Reflect Induction Potency in Humans
Authors: M Herzler, KT To, A Unnikrishnan, J Abedini, D Allen, D Germolec, J Gordon, N Kleinstreuer, HS Ko, J Matheson, HJ Thierse, J Truax, J Vanselow, J Strickland  
View Herzler et al. poster

Comparison and Standardization of Rat Acute Inhalation Study Data to Support Predictive Modeling
Authors: V Hull, EN Reinke, AB Daniel, KT To, AL Karmaus, DG Allen, K Mansouri, N Kleinstreuer  
View Hull et al. poster

Curating Chemical Use Categories and Exposure Predictions to Inform Chemical Assessment
Authors: V Hull, T LaPratt, AL Karmaus, KT To, A Unnikrishnan, DG Allen, NC Kleinstreuer

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Facilitating NAM-Based Chemical Assessments with the Integrated Chemical Environment
Authors: A Unnikrishnan, V Hull, X Chang, A Borrel, K To, A Karmaus, J Phillips, E McAfee, D Allen, N Kleinstreuer

View Unnikrishnan et al. poster

Case Study Application of a Systematic Approach to Inventory and Interrogate Thyroid Hormone Network Information
IA Lee, SJ Borghoff, D Wikoff, S Fitch, J Urban, C Perry, G Chappell, N Choksi, J Britt, M Heintz, W Klaren, R Chew, S Edwards, RJ Bever, K Hamernik, AB Kirk, SG Lynn, KJ Markey (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency project)

Continuing Education Courses

CE 2: Open-Access Data and Computational Tools to Investigate Chemical Bioactivity

Aswani Unnikrishnan, Victoria Hull, Kim To, and Alexandre Borrel (Inotiv, contractor supporting NICEATM) presented - View presentation

CE 3: Putting Theory Into Practice: Using In Vitro and Computational New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) in Human-Relevant Risk Assessment

Nicole Kleinstreuer (NIEHS/NICEATM) presented.