Presentations at ASCCT 2020

Ninth Annual Meeting: American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology – October 20-22, 2020

NICEATM and ICCVAM Oral Presentations 

Oral Session I

Evaluating Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) by In Vitro Toxicokinetic Data Generation with In Vitro-In Vivo Extrapolation (IVIVE)
M Smeltz, D Crizer, L McMillan, G Patlewicz, M DeVito, B Wetmore

Towards Automation of High-Throughput Toxicology Assay Image Analysis Using Deep Learning
A Tandon, A Manarana, B Howard, S Ramaiahgari, P Dunlap, J Rice, M DeVito, S Ferguson, R Shah

Human Reference Database for Skin Sensitization 
Authors: J Strickland, D Allen, AM Api, J Gordon, N Kleinstreuer, HS Ko, J Matheson, HJ Thierse, J Truax, M Herzler (J Strickland, ILS [NICEATM support contractor] presenting)

Oral Session III

Influence of Transcriptomic Descriptors on the Generalized Read-Across (GenRA) Performance
T Tate, G Patlewicz, J Wambaugh, I Shah

EASA Skin Sensitization Assay Development: Using a Measurement Science Approach to Increase Confidence
J Gordon, R Uhl, B Toman, J Elliott, E Petersen

Oral Session V

Providing Insight into Chemical Activity Through Data Curation and Assay Annotation
Authors: S Bell, J Abedini, P Ceger, A Karmaus, A Daniel, N Choksi, J Rooney, D Allen, N Kleinstreuer (S Bell, ILS [NICEATM support contractor] presenting)

Evaluation of Existing QSAR Models and Structural Alerts and Development of New Consensus Models for Genotoxicity Using a Newly Compiled Experimental Dataset
Authors: P Pradeep, R Judson, G Patlewicz

NICEATM and ICCVAM Poster Presentations

Poster Session I

Investigating DNA Adduct Formation by Flavor Chemicals and Tobacco Byproducts in Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) Using In Silico Approaches
JC Kang, L Valerio
Featured in a 3-minute flash presentation (JC Kang, FDA, presenting)

Testing of Agrochemical Formulations Using In Vitro and Ex Vivo Eye Irritation Test Methods
Authors: N Choksi, AJ Clippinger, S Gehen, M Corvaro, SN Kolle, K Bentley, A Hofstra, M Inforzato, N Ryan, E Webb, W Casey, D Allen
Featured in a 3-minute flash presentation (N Choksi, ILS [NICEATM support contractor], presenting)
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Modeling Inter-Individual Susceptibility in Toxicological Screening Using 3D Spheroid Primary Human Hepatocyte Cultures
Authors: K Lavrich, S Ramiahgari, N Urbano, BA Merrick, S Ferguson
Featured in a 3-minute flash presentation (K Lavrich, NIEHS, presenting)

Quantitating Population Toxicokinetic Variability Utilizing Recombinant Enzyme-Specific Clearance Rates
Authors: A Kreutz, B Wetmore
Featured in a 3-minute flash presentation (A Kreutz, EPA, presenting)

Pred-Skin: A Web Portal for Accurate Prediction of Human Skin Sensitizers
Authors: J Borba, R Braga, V Alves, E Muratov, N Kleinstreuer, A Tropsha, C Andrade
Featured in a 3-minute flash presentation (J Borba, Federal University of Goias, Brazil, presenting)

ICCVAM Read Across Workgroup: Towards Guiding Principles for Read-across Applications
J Rooney, L Lizarraga, T Yamada, D Allen, M Babich, A Daniel, S Fitzpatrick, N Garcia-Reyero, J Gordon, P Hakkinen, A Karmaus, N Kleinstreuer, J Matheson, M Mumtaz, D Rua, P Ruiz, L Scarano, P Volarath, G Patlewicz

NICEATM Computational Tools and Resources Supporting Alternative Test Method Development and Evaluation
J Abedini, S Bell, K Mansouri, E McAfee, J Phillips, X Chang, AL Karmaus, B Cook, D Allen, W Casey, N Kleinstreuer
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Collaborative Modeling Project for Predicting Acute Oral Toxicity
K Mansouri, A Karmaus, J Fitzpatrick, G Patlewicz, P Pradeep, D Allen, W Casey, N Kleinstreuer
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Variability in the Rabbit Skin Irritation Assay
JP Rooney, N Choksi, P Ceger, A Daniel, J Truax, R Rai, N Kleinstreuer, D Allen
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Molecular Assessment of Interindividual Variability in Susceptibility to Developmental Neurotoxicity of Methyl Mercury Using Diversity Outbred Neural Progenitor Cells
D You, M Behl, T Choi, M Balik-Meisner, D Mav, D Phadke, R Shah, A Harrill

An Evaluation of Performance and Coverage of Selected In Silico Metabolism Tools
M Boyce, B Meyer, C Grulke, G Patlewicz

Developmental Toxicity Assessment of a Library of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Embryos/Larvae
Authors: K Britton, D Korest, R Judson, K Jarema, K Coutros, B Wetmore, B Hill, D Hunter, J Olin, S Padilla

Poster Session II

Chemical Exploration: Identifying Bioactivity with the Use of Structural Features
B Cook, J Abedini, S Bell, E McAfee, J Phillips, D Allen, N Kleinstreuer
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In Vitro to In Vivo Extrapolation for Developmental Toxicity Potency of Valproic Acid Analogues
X Chang, A Lumen, J Palmer, UJ Lee, P Ceger, E Donley, S Bell, D Allen, N Kleinstreuer
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