Presentations at ASCCT 2022

Eleventh Annual Meeting: American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology 
October 19-21 - Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Continuing Education Course 

Weighing the Evidence in Safety Evaluation and Risk Assessment: Data Considerations and the Potential for NAM Integration

Anna Lowit, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (ICCVAM co-chair), was a speaker.

NICEATM Oral Presentations 

Models Supporting Next Gen Risk Assessment

OPERA Models to Support Regulatory Needs
Authors: K Mansouri, T Martin, X Chang, D Allen, A Williams, N Kleinstreuer 

Integration of Technological Interference into the Interpretation of Curated High-throughput Screening (cHTS) Data
Authors: V Hull, A Borrel, A Karmaus, K To, D Allen, N Kleinstreuer

Envisioning Decision-making with NAMs

Investigating the Impact of Cytochrome P450 Metabolism on Chemical-mediated Transcription Factor Transactivation
Authors: A Karmaus, A Daniel, V Hull, E Reinke, A Medvedev, D Allen, N Kleinstreuer, W Casey

NICEATM Poster Presentations

Progress Towards the Replacement of In Vivo Leptospirosis Vaccine Potency Testing in the United States
Authors: B Rogers, J Brown, D Allen, W Casey, A Clippinger

Chemical Grouping Using an Automated KNIME Workflow: An Interpretable Machine Learning Approach
Authors: JT Moreira-Filho, M Conway, C Schmitt, N Kleinstreuer, K Mansouri

Integrating Population Enzyme Variability Into Physiologically-based Kinetic Models of Parent Chemicals and Metabolites
Authors: D Hines, B Cook, V Hull, D Allen, JLCM Dorne, J Erickson, P Combs, S Ferguson, N Kleinstreuer, K Mansouri
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Applying Deep Learning Toxicity Models Across the Chemical Universe
Authors: S Lee, T Li, Z Liu, W Tong, K Mansouri, N Kleinstreuer

Evaluation of Skin Sensitization Classification Rules to Reflect Human Potency and Support Weight-of-Evidence Assessments
Authors: J Strickland, J Abedini, D Allen, AM Api, D Germolec, J Gordon, V Hull, N Kleinstreuer, HS Ko, J Matheson, HJ Thierse, K To, J Truax, JT Vanselow, M Herzler
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Facilitating Global Connections through the Microphysiological Systems for COVID Research (MPSCoRe) Working Group
Authors: A Daniel, N Kleinstreuer, D Allen, K Glover, T Goralski, B Gough, M Schurdak, C Sprankle, D Tagle, M Williams, A Holmes
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A Modern Framework to Establish Scientific Confidence in NAMs
Authors: AJ van der Zalm, J Barroso, P Browne, W Casey, T Henry, NC Kleinstreuer, A Lowit, M Perron, AJ Clippinger

In Vitro to In Vivo Extrapolation to Facilitate the Animal-free Risk Assessment of Potential Developmental Toxicants
Authors: X Chang, J Palmer, E Donley, E Reinke, D Allen, N Kleinstreuer
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Characterizing the Impacts of Assay Design on Cytotoxic Concentration Range
Authors: K To, A Karmaus, V Hull, D Allen, N Kleinstreuer
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ICE Tools to Facilitate PBPK Modeling and IVIVE for Various Exposure Scenarios
Authors: A Unnikrishnan, X Chang, K To, J Abedini, B Cook, D Hines, E McAfee, J Phillips, D Allen, N Kleinstreuer
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A Potential Novel Integrative Strategy for Read-Across to Evaluate Large Numbers of Nitro-Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (NPAHs) for Cancer Hazard Evaluation
Authors: W Bisson, K Mansouri, S Garner, W Arroyave, A Ewens, A Wang, G Jahnke, R Lunn

Data-Driven Derivation of an Adverse Outcome Pathway Linking VEGF and Cardiotoxicity
Authors: D Ehrlich, S Krishna, N Kleinstreuer

Poster Presentations with ICCVAM Authors

Authors who are ICCVAM members are identified in boldface.

Metabolic Similarity in Read-across Prediction: A Case Study in Using Graph Kernels and Predicted Metabolism Information
Authors: B Hagan, G Patlewicz, I Shah

Evaluation of the ToxCast Assay Suite for Detection of Neuroactivity
Authors: A Carpenter, K Carstens, M Martin, T Shafer, K Paul Friedman
Featured in the Flash Poster Session: Wednesday, October 19, 3:30-4:30 p.m.

An In Vitro 3D Model of Human Renal Proximal Tubule for Nephrotoxicity Screening Studies
Authors: A Pearson, G Travlos, S Ferguson
Featured in the Flash Poster Session: Wednesday, October 19, 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Evaluation of Per- and Poly Fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Vitro Toxicity Testing for Developmental Neurotoxicity
AuthorsK Carstens, A Carpenter, T Freudenrich, K Wallace, S Choo, G Patlewicz, B Wetmore, K Paul Friedman, T Shafer

In Vitro Modeling of Human Hepatic Responses to Chemical Exposures With 3D Spheroid Transcriptomics
AuthorsS Ferguson, S Ramaiahgari, K Lavrich, S Auerbach, D Phadke, R Shah, G Roberts, J Gorospe, M DeVito, A Merrick

Panel of Bacterial Mutagenicity In Silico Models for Substructure-Based Analysis
Authors: V Gombar, A Sedykh, R Shah, K Witt, W Casey

Towards Systematic Read-across Using Generalised Read-across (GenRA)
AuthorsG Patlewicz, I Shah

Towards Reproducible Structure-Based Chemical Categories for PFAS to Inform and Evaluate Toxicity and Toxicokinetic Testing
AuthorsG Patlewicz, A Richard, A Williams, R Judson, R Thomas