Presentations at QSAR 2021

19th International Workshop on (Quantitative) Structure-Activity Relationships in Environmental and Health Sciences – June 7-10, 2021

Virtual meeting

Acting NICEATM Director Nicole Kleinstreuer, NICEATM computational chemist Kamel Mansouri, and senior toxicologist Agnes Karmaus (ILS, contractor supporting NICEATM) served on the organizing committee.

NICEATM Poster Presentations

Chemical Exploration: Providing Biological Context for NAMs
B Cook, J Abedini, S Bell, E McAfee, J Phillips, D Allen, N Kleinstreuer
Download Cook et al poster

Collaborative Modeling Project for Predicting Acute Oral Toxicity (CATMoS)
K Mansouri, A Karmaus, J Fitzpatrick, G Patlewicz, P Pradeep, D Allen, W Casey, N Kleinstreuer

NICEATM Computational Tools and Data Resources
J Abedini, S Bell, X Chang, N Choksi, B Cook, AB Daniel, D Hines, AL Karmaus, K Mansouri, D Allen, N Kleinstreuer
Download Abedini et al poster

Open-source QSAR-ready Chemical Structure Standardization Workflow
Authors: K Mansouri, C Grulke, R Judson, A Richard, A Williams, N Kleinstreuer