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Presentations at ASCCT 2019

Eighth Annual Meeting: American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology 
September 24-26, 2019 - Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

NICEATM presented a demonstration of the Open Structure-activity/property Relationship App (OPERA) at a free Hands-On Training in Computational Methods session sponsored by PCRM.

NICEATM Oral Presentations 

Good Decisions Require Good Data: Creating Curated and Structured Resources for

Authors: S Bell, N Choksi, P Ceger, A Daniel, A Karmaus, J Abedini, D Allen, W Casey, N Kleinstreuer (S Bell, ILS [NICEATM support contractor] presenting)

The March Toward Big Data in Toxicology: Striking a Balance Between Machine Learning
and Mechanistic Modeling
Author: N Kleinstreuer, NIEHS (NICEATM Deputy Director)

NICEATM Poster Presentations

Facilitating Chemical Evaluation and Data Exploration with the Integrated Chemical Environment
Authors: S Bell, J Phillips, X Chang, R Rai, A Karmaus, F Hermes, K Mansouri, D Allen, W Casey, N Kleinstreuer
View Bell et al poster

Collaborative Modeling Project for Predicting Acute Oral Toxicity
K Mansouri, A Karmaus, J Fitzpatrick, G Patlewicz, D Allen, W Casey, N Kleinstreuer
View Mansouri et al poster