Hepatobiliary System

Liver, Hepatocyte – Increased Mitosis

    Increased mitosis (arrows) in a male F344/N rat from an acute repeated-dose study.


    Robert R. Maronpot, DVM, MS, MPH, DACVP, DABT, FIATP
    Senior Pathologist
    Experimental Pathology Laboratories, Inc.
    Research Triangle Park, NC


    John Cullen, VMD, PhD, DACVP, FIATP
    Anatomic Pathology, Professor
    North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine
    Raleigh, NC

    David E. Malarkey DVM, PhD, DACVP, FIATP
    Head, National Toxicology Program Pathology Group
    Cellular and Molecular Pathology Branch
    Division of the National Toxicology Program
    National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
    Research Triangle Park, NC