Nervous System

Brain, Neuron - Necrosis

    Neuronal necrosis in a male F344 rat from an acute inhalation study. The black arrow identifies acute eosinophilic necrosis. By contrast, the red arrow identifies a relatively normal neuron, and the arrowhead identifies a pyknotic nucleus amid associated vacuolation of the neuropil.
    Necrotic neurons as depicted by the Fluoro-Jade technique, in a Wistar rat from a subchronic study. The blue arrow identifies a necrotic neuron, and the white arrow locates the autofluorescence of normal red blood cells in a capillary. Image kindly provided by Dr. G. Krinke. Fluoro-Jade technique.
    Necrotic piriform cortical neurons in a treated male F344/N rat from a chronic study. The arrows identify necrotic and partially lytic forms of neuronal necrosis.
    Basophilic neuronal necrosis (arrows) with associated punctate deposits of mineral at the surface from a female F344/N rat in a chronic study.
    Hippocampal neuronal necrosis (arrows) with more advanced mineralization of the cell bodies, so-called ferrugination of neurons, in a male F344/N rat from a chronic study.
    Necrosis of internal granule cells at low magnification, in a female B6C3F1 mouse from a 6-week study. Note the shrunken basophilic neurons in contrast to adjacent more normal neurons. The black arrow identifies regions with many necrotic basophilic internal granule cells, whereas the white arrow identifies a region of relative normality.
    Higher magnification of necrosis of internal granule cells in a female B6C3F1 mouse from a subchronic study. Arrows identify necrotic internal granule cells, whereas arrowheads identify normal internal granule cells.


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