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Salivary Gland, Duct - Cyst

Image of cyst in the salivary gland duct from a female B6C3F1 mouse in a chronic study
Salivary gland, Duct - Cyst in a female B6C3F1 mouse from a chronic study. The cyst is roughly circular, and the epithelium is somewhat flattened.
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Salivary gland duct cysts tend to involve one or a few ducts and usually have a circular profile ( Figure 1image opens in a pop-up window ), whereas ductular dilation of salivary glands is typically more generalized (involving multiple ducts), and the ducts tend to have an irregular profile (see Salivary Gland, Duct - Dilation). Cysts may be caused by obstruction of a duct by calculi, trauma, or foreign body. Ductular dilation and ductular cysts are not common in NTP rodent studies.


Duct cysts should be diagnosed but are generally not graded unless there is a treatment-related effect on the size of the cysts. If squamous metaplasia of the ductal epithelium is present, it should be diagnosed and graded separately.


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