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Clitoral Gland - Fibrosis

Image of fibrosis in the clitoral gland from a female B6C3F1 mouse in a chronic study
Clitoral gland - Fibrosis in a female B6C3F1/N mouse from a chronic study. Immature fibrous tissue effaces the clitoral gland stroma.
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Stromal fibrosis of the clitoral gland ( Figure 1image opens in a pop-up window ) often accompanies common spontaneous degenerative lesions (e.g., atrophy, duct dilatation). It may also be associated with chronic or chronic active inflammation. Early fibrosis presents a more densely cellular appearance than the mature collagen of chronic fibrosis.


Clitoral gland fibrosis should be diagnosed and assigned a severity grade whenever it occurs in the absence of other lesions. Fibrosis that is present as a component of an inflammatory lesion should be diagnosed only when the degree of inflammation is not commensurate to that of fibrosis (i.e., the fibrosis is more severe than would be expected given the severity of the inflammation). If fibrosis is not diagnosed separately, it should be described in the pathology narrative. Whenever it is diagnosed, fibrosis should be assigned a severity grade.


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