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Brain, Leptomeninges - Hamartoma, Lipomatous

Image of Hamartoma, lipomatous in the Brain from a Male B6C3F1 Mouse in a 2 year  Study
Leptomeningeal lipomatous hamartoma in an untreated male B6C3F1 mouse from a 2-year study. The arrow identifies the location of the lipomatous mass.
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Figure 1image opens in a pop-up window depicts a neurodevelopmental anomaly. This midline leptomeningeal lipomatous hamartoma is located at the base of the cingulate gyrus, immediately above the corpus callosum and septal nuclei. Consisting of normal white adipocytes, it is in the common location for a lipomatous hamartoma. The expansion of the hamartoma has had little compressive effect on adjacent structures and was not accompanied by noticeable clinical neurological signs. This type of hamartoma is uncommon in rodent studies. It is not to be confused with a lipoma or liposarcoma.


Lipomatous hamartomas should be diagnosed in NTP studies and the subsite specified.


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