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Eye, Retina - Gliosis

Image of retina gliosis in the eye from a female F344/N rat in a chronic study
Eye, Retina - Normal in a female F344/N rat from a chronic study. Normal retina (arrow), optic disc (D), and optic nerve (N) for comparison to Figure 2.
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Image of retina gliosis in the eye from a female F344/N rat in a chronic study
Eye, Retina - Gliosis in a female F344/N rat from a chronic study. There are increased numbers of glial cells in the nerve fiber layer (arrow), optic disc (D), and optic nerve (N).
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Retinal gliosis ( Figure 2image opens in a pop-up window , compare to normal in Figure 1image opens in a pop-up window ), the proliferation of astrocytes, Müller cells, and/or microglia, can occur in various retinal layers with focal to diffuse distribution. It is characterized by increased numbers of glial cells in the retina. Retinal gliosis can occur as a primary change (generally of uncertain etiology) or as a feature to other retinal lesions (e.g., degeneration).


When occurring as a primary change, retinal gliosis should be diagnosed and assigned a severity grade. When retinal gliosis occurs as a morphologic feature or reactive sequela of another pathologic process (e.g., retinal degeneration), it should not be diagnosed separately (unless warranted by severity), but should be described in the pathology narrative.


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